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Recipes that include prosciutto

Ramps, Prosciutto, and Cave Aged Gruyere

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Finally! We moved, but it’s not all smooth sailing yet. We’re living out of boxes and we don’t have a kitchen yet. While our perfect kitchen is being built (which we will be talking about soon), I’m going to have to get crafty. I do have many plug-in appliances (rice cooker, toaster oven, panini press, waffle maker, microwave, etc.) so we’re still going to have a ball here. I think we’re going to be pleasantly surprised with how much I (or you) can do without a kitchen. (Gulp) Determined to eat well every single day without exceptions, here goes…

Over the years, I haven’t had the greatest opinion of Fresh Direct. Either something was left out of my order or something was broken. In 2006, I wrote about our worst experience where seemingly everything that could go wrong did: frozen stuff de-frosted, late delivery, ruined products, no solution through customer service. In the last four years, I’ve only ordered from them a handful of times, and it’s only because I love their par-baked breads, particularly the Ciabatta Rolls.

Prosciutto, ramps, and gruyere on wood board


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Prosciutto and Grilled Apricots

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Proscuitto and Grilled Apricots 2

When apricots are in season, why not switch things up a bit from the standard prosciutto and melon. Only here, I don’t just cut up the fruit and plate it with the beautiful translucent slices of cured meat. Grilling the apricots brings out the sugars and the touch of Grand Marnier brings out the sweetness and the floral fruitiness even more. This dish is still embarrassingly easy though, so easy that you can still add this as a last minute addition to your dinner tonight.


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