With Halloween coming soon, I’ve got to start making candy! Let’s start easy with a candy that only takes two ingredients, honey and pepitas (or pumpkin seeds). You will need a candy thermometer, but it’s really pretty fast and easy. It’s rather healthy in the realm of candy too!

Pepitas Candy  11

How good the result is relies on using fresh pepitas (be careful of rancid stuff!) and good honey. Honey is so fascinating, varying so much by where and what the bees are pollinating on. If you haven’t already, go to a honey stand at the farmer’s market and they will let you sample the different types, from light to dark. Linden, raspberry, bamboo, buckwheat, and many more, all taste so different, some fruity, some floral, some light, some deep. I use different ones for different purposes so we often have two or three in the cupboard. So how do you select one? Just put a dab of honey on some pepitas and try it together. See which one you like best.