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Recipes that include peanut

Bullseye Cookies

Friday, December 9, 2011

I couldn’t decide what to make for #NYCookieSwap 2011. It’s a big deal with cookie greats like Dorie Greenspan attending! Lon saved the day and came up with an idea I loved: a way to combine three classic cookies that everyone loves. What’s better than your favorite cookie? Three of your favorite cookies in one! It’s a Chocolate Chip Cookie in the center with a ring of Chocolate Cookie around it, with another ring of Peanut Butter Cookie around that.

Bullseye Cookie and Tower 4


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Pigs’ Feet and Peanut Soup

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Chinese women traditionally stay home for 30 days postpartum. There are all these rules about what you can and cannot do; what you should and should not eat. My mom stayed with us for five weeks and cooked vigorously. I could hear her muttering menu planning all day long. No Chinese leeks, no daikon radish, plenty of fish and plenty of soup. She yelled at me every time I drank cold water and frowned because I wouldn’t drink any medicinal tonics.

I did agree to drink soup daily and the weather suited it in February and March. I gladly slurped and even drank many by the mug fulls one handed while breastfeeding Caya. Pigs’ Feet and Peanut Soup is classically known as a milk supply boosting soup. I have no scientific proof of this, but I do have a healthy milk supply. If anything, this collagen rich soup can’t hurt and it’s a pretty mauve-ish color.

Pigs Feet and Peanut Soup


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