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Recipes that include harissa

Artichokes with Creamy Caper Dip

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Artichoke with Creamy Caper Dip

When I’m sick, I start using the microwave to cook. It’s just a lot less effort and quick. I can return to sitting on the couch in no time. Luckily, I had artichokes in the fridge. You just cut off the stem and about 1″ off the top. Place it in a microwave safe bowl with about 1/4″ of water, cover and microwave for about 3 minutes. Rest for 2 minutes, turn it over, cover, and microwave for another 2 minutes. This was for 1 medium sized artichoke. Add some time for larger artichokes or if you want to heat two or three at a time.

While you are microwaving, you can make this easy dip.


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African-Style Stewed Skate

Monday, February 16, 2009

Jessica chose a Moroccan dish to prepare for Sophia & Justin last night. We had picked up a large skate wing (about 1.75 pounds) in Chinatown without deciding what to do with it. So when she asked me to figure out what to do, I decided to stick with with the continental theme, rather than national. I started researching African fish recipes and found that quite a number of them had a similar style. Since I’ve eaten African a few times, I figured I could come up with my own recipe, inspired by the recipes I found online.

The Flaking Skate


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Spicy Baba Ganouj

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I decided to make Baba Ganouj today and a light bulb went off – I should add harissa (that I bought at SOS Chefs) to it. It just made sense in my head so I was hoping the result would be as good. For me, the harissa was a hit! It brought out a smokiness and added a tang, and of course some heat. Unfortunately, Lon didn’t like it. We do occasionally differ on taste. Oh well.


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