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Recipes that include buttermilk

Creamy Homemade Ricotta from “Homemade with Love” by Jennifer Perillo

Sunday, April 14, 2013

As soon as my friend Jennifer Perillo’s book, “Homemade with Love” was available on Amazon, I pre-ordered it. I always wanted to know her secret to Risotto, which isn’t in the book Jennie! I still want to learn that one day, but I’ll forgive her for now because this book has quickly become one of my favorite cookbooks, full of simply amazing and totally do-able recipes. It doesn’t hurt that this book is also gorgeous. It could stand alone as a coffee table book. The colors, the fonts, the photos by Penny De Los Santos, and the soothing voice of Jennie, as if she was just guiding you in the kitchen. I truly love it.

I’ve tried four recipes from the book so far and every one was a hit. Fluffy is a modest description for the Buttermilk pancakes. The DIY granola uses ingredients I already have in my pantry. The Lentil “Meatball” recipe is a serious must-have for anyone who entertains a vegetarian. All the meat-eaters at my table loved it too and I really appreciate how it looks just like the meat version. Perhaps the most valuable find for me so far is the Creamy Homemade Ricotta.

Creamy Homemade Ricotta title pic


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New Croque-Monsieur: Gruyere and Smoked Ham on Challah French Toast

Saturday, April 25, 2009

You voted for it and here we have it, the New Croque-Monsieur, FoodMayhem style. In preparation for our super awesome Grilled Cheese, Lon made mustard, and I made Challah (Peter Reinhart’s recipe). The Challah should be made and sliced the day before so that it can stale. (Don’t worry, I ate plenty of it fresh that day too. )


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Buttermilk Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting and Berries

Monday, April 20, 2009

Top of Cake Slice

We had to make a cake super fast yesterday. Luckily, we had left-over frosting from the Red Velvet Cake. I also wanted to use up the buttermilk (bought for the Red Velvet Cake), so a plan was born. I found a Nick Malgieri Recipe for Buttermilk Cake Layers. I would use the left-over frosting, and I’d throw in a strawberry and blueberry filling/topping of my own, to dress it up. It seamed like an easy plan in my head. Ok, so it turns out, it’s not THAT easy, but it’s not really hard either, just a few more steps… We were just in a real rush and had to throw it all together so fast that the frosting job wasn’t gorgeous but it tastes REALLY good. It’s now one of our favorites and will probably be frequently made as a birthday cake.


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Red Velvet Cake

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I got all excited when I saw beet powder at Kalustyan’s. My mind was buzzing, I was doing cartwheels (in my imagination)… I was going to make a red velvet cake I could eat (I’m allergic to artificial food coloring). Yipee!

Uh no, with some quick research, I found this article, here’s an exert:

“Food purists seeking to replicate the color, flavor and cooking method of a traditional red velvet cake by merely substituting natural food coloring for artificial colors will run into a series of obstacles. These occur because natural food dyes and pigments, like the pigment in beet powder, are sensitive to both heat and pH and change color when combined with baking soda or baking powder.”

Bummer…Mega Bummer!

Happy Birthday Sophia


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Wild Blueberry Hand Pies

Saturday, April 18, 2009

blueberry hand pie

I want just about anything made with blueberries. Along with cherries, they share the pedestal for my favorite fruit, so when I saw a recipe for Blueberry Hand Pies on A Southern Grace, I bookmarked it right away. I did tweak the recipe a bit to my liking, but how can you go wrong with a portable pie, you can eat without a plate and fork?


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Irish Soda Bread

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Slicing Soda Bread

I got home last night and decided I had to make Irish Soda Bread. It’s been on my mind ever since I made the Green Tea Pecan Crumbles. St. Patty’s Day has just been buzzing around in my head. Luckily, you’ll see that the web offers up tons of recipes on Irish Soda Bread and the vast majority of them are “easy as pie”. Why do people say that? Pie is not that easy. This is way easier than pie!


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Shepherd’s PIE

Friday, February 13, 2009

It has always bothered me that Shepherd’s pie isn’t really a pie. The standard recipe is just a meat and veggie mixture thrown in a baking dish with mashed potatoes on top. What happened to the best part of the pie?!? The flaky buttery crust?!? Fear not! I have a remedy.

Pie is not just for dessert!

slice of Shepherd's Pie 2


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